Payment methods and currency
Payment methods
We accept the following payment methods on our website:

PayPal: You can pay securely and conveniently with a PayPal account or by credit card through PayPal.
Credit card: In addition to PayPal, it is also possible to pay directly with Visa or MasterCard on our site. Currently we only accept payments by credit cards of the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and NZD.
Bank transfer: For orders with a value of 150 USD or more, the option of payment by bank transfer will be visible upon completion of the payment. For this payment method, you will receive the instructions by email.
Select your currency type at the top of each TeaBeau page.

Packaging options
Tea bags
All our teas are sealed, our bags are designed to protect the leaves from light and moisture. The closure system keeps your tea fresh, even after opening. TeaBeau tea bags respect the environment and are fully recyclable; its lightweight design keeps transport prices low and reduces smudge marks.

The orders of wholesalers (more than 200 grams) are packaged in bulk bags of aluminum, with the possibility that it does not have a zipper closure.

Tea in cans
In addition to the stock option, there is also the option to buy canned tea.

Tea pickup in linen-cotton bags
Finally, there is an option to add a gift packaging to our tea pads with a Premium linen-cotton bag. For more information visit the page: Tea bag in bag.

Shipment information
How is my order packaged?
Your items are carefully packaged by our logistics department. We use reinforced cardboard boxes so that your orders arrive safely; Your tea accessories are reinforced with bubble wrap, which covers the original packaging before inserting them into the cardboard box.

Shipping cost
We offer a flat rate of 5 USD by ordinary mail. For more information about the shipment please visit the shipping information page.

Shipments to the whole world
TeaBeau offers worldwide shipping. For information regarding shipments you can visit our shipping information page.

Shipping methods
We currently offer shipments by ordinary mail and courier. For more details visit our shipping information page.

Dispatch / Processing speed
Our orders are usually processed in 2 working days.

Online shipment tracking
Once your order is shipped, we will send you a confirmation email including a tracking number. You can use this number to check the status of the shipment at all times. To ensure that this email is not going to stop in your spam folder, please add our emails to your secure mailing list: sale@TeaBeau.com. You can also find your tracking number by logging into your TeaBeau account.

Delivery time
Generally, the delivery time is from 7 to 21 days by ordinary mail and from 4 to 10 days by express courier.

Product availability
All products that are online are in stock, unless there is any notice of out of stock.

If you can not find an old product in our online store, the safest thing is that this product has no stock and does not re-enter the warehouse again soon. For products that we do not have is stock, but we hope to receive them within a period of weeks, we usually keep it visible in our store. However, if we are not going to have it permanently or in a reasonable period of time, they will not be visible. To have information of the products out of stock you can visit the following page: Tea and Accessories out of stock.