Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

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  • Grown in Lushan Mountain (庐山) in Jiangxi Province, China
  • Tea Liquid: bight, clean in light green color
  • Lushan Mountain (庐山) in Jiangxi Province
  • Low caffeine (Less than 10%’s amount in a cup of coffee)
  • Flavor: brisk and refreshing, heavy sweet flavor with light roasted chestnut fragrance. Has sweet aftertaste and long-lasting brisk fragrance in your mouth.

When your taste buds want a really refreshing tea, Lu Shan Yun Wu is a perfect choice, and is widely drunk in China during and after meals with strongly flavoured foods.  It will has brisk and refreshing flavor and sweet taste. After several steeps, you will see the tea leaves tenderly stretched and showing its soft and light yellow appearance.

Recommend Brewing Method
Western Method
Teacup: 8.8oz / 250ml
185℉ / 85℃
Use 1.5 Teaspoons / 3 Grams Tea
Brewing time : 3 – 5 mins
Chinese Gongfu Way
Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml
185℉ / 85℃
Use 4 Grams Tea
3 steeps : rinse,20s,40s,50s
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Lu Shan Yun Wu – is the most popular type of “Yun Wu tea” in China, so named because when dry it’s narrow, curved shape looks like a fine. The traditional local drink of Jiangxi, it is also now widely grown in Zhejiang, Anhui provinces.

The production of this tea, especially high quality Lu Shan Yun Wu like Teabeau’s, is particularly laborious and time consuming, as each leaf must be carefully hand rolled at exactly the right temperature to ensure the uniformity in the size and shape of each leaf, that is needed to ensure the resulting tea delivers the exact combination of sweetness and astringency this tea is renowned for.

Brief Health Info

Lu Shan Yun Wu, like all green teas, has high levels of antioxidants that reportedly reduce the incidence of cancer, promote good skin tone and help reduce the affects of aging. Also high in vitamin C, fluoride and calcium, they also promote healthy teeth and bones.
For more information on the health benefits of Green teas, take a look at our article on Tea Health benefit.
How to make Chun Mee
Lu Shan Yun Wu should brewed in water around 194 ºF (90 ºC) for less than 30 seconds. A longer time will give the tea a bitter taste. It can be infused 7 or 8 times.
For more information on some of the skills and arts of brewing tea, check out our article on How To Make Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea.

Where is our Lu Shan Yun Wu green tea produced

The source of tea is from the traditional birthplace of this tea, high in mountains of Jiangxi province. This amazingly beautiful area is a mix of high rugged mountains and dense forests, with the cool temperatures and perpetually misty conditions ideal for growing the delicate buds and leaves.

Lu Shan Yun Wu green tea


Lu Shan Yun Wu traces its roots back to a traditional green tea produced in Jiangxi during Ming Dynasty in the 1600’s, called Jiangxi green tea. As the hand rolling and processing techniques of this tea evolved and improved, the highest quality versions of this tea were given a new name – Lu Shan Yun Wu – to distinguish them from the earlier, inferior, forms. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Lu Shan Yun Wu became hugely popular in China, and to this day is the most commonly drunk green tea in the country.

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2 reviews for Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

  1. Marvelous tea

    The teas were all excellent, every one made to a very high standard of quality and well worth the price and then some. Perfect for afternoon tea and sweets or for serving at a party. Excellent overall. Believe the hype about loose tea.

  2. Gary

    Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea is my favorite tea and this brand is good quality for a good price.

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