Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • Spring Tea
  • Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, China
  • Sweet, vegetal smell, similar with sea sedge aroma
  • 1000 mu fine and smooth powders in jade green color
  • Vibrantly Green
  • Sweet, vegetal smell, similar with sea sedge aroma
  • Soubei, Zhaori, and Zhaolu
  • Fresh, with an attractive taste that is brisk and slight bitter but quickly turn to sweet aftertaste
  • Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)
  • Jinshan Organic Tea Garden



Early in Tang Dynasty (618–907), Chinese people invented the steamed green tea – known as 碾茶 (niǎn chá: green tea leaves crushed into small pieces).

See also: the most renowned tea reviewer in Song Dynasty, also a great writer, Cai Xiang (蔡襄), wrote about tea contrast in his work The Record of Tea: press the tuancha cake into small pieces, then grind it; use a sieve to separate out Matcha, and then brew the tea Matcha with boiling water. Good tea has fine aroma and taste.
As the custom of drinking tea was changing, in Ming and Qing Dynasty, the way of brewing tea was much similar to the modern ways. Niancha disappeared in tea’s history.

Nowadays, Matcha is made in this process: steam fixation – rolling – drying – milling. During the steam fixation, the number of some oxide starts to increase, like the flavonol and ester. They form the unique aroma and taste. Thus steam fixation can bring the Matcha a special flavor and light green color, different from normal green teas.

Tea Tree – Jiukeng Plant

The fresh tea leaves of making Matcha is from the Jiukeng tea trees. In 1985 it was verified as a national specie of number GS13023-1985 by the National Crop Variety Certification Committee. The spring tea has one bud and two leaves, and contains about 3.4% of amino acid, 20.9% of tea polyphenols, 13.3% of catechin and 4.1% of caffeine, which is suitable for making green tea. The dry tea is green bloom, with strong aroma and heavy flavor.

Introduction of the Origin Place

Green Tea Powder


Good environment can provide good tea. Our Matcha comes from Tianmu Mountain (Eyes on Heaven Mountain), located in Lin’an, northwest in Zhejiang Province, a distance of 84 kilometers away from Hangzhou. Tianmu in Chinese means the eyes on heaven.The two pools look like the eyes that are watching the sky.

Tian Mu Mountain

Lin’an is in the northwest of Zhejiang Province. The Tianmu Mountain in Lin’an covers 4284 acres, ranges from E 119°24′11″ to E 119°28 ′21″, N 30°18′30″ to N 30°24′55″, with elevation of 300 m to 1556 m, and a typical forest ecosystem and landscape of middle subtropical regions. As the mountain lies on the north edge of middle subtropical region, meanwhile is affected by its particular structure, the climate here is cool in summer and warm in winter. The average temperature is 14 ℃. The major soil is the widely spread red soil. All of these conditions make a best environment for planting organic tea trees.

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Antioxidant green tea and slimming ally

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2 reviews for Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

  1. Y. Y. Chang

    I made green tea chocolate and ice cream with this. I got a lot of compliments!

  2. IzzyRivers

    Crisp and fresh taste. do not steep too long because it can get bitter, but steeping time all depends on what you personally like.

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